Month: December 2023

Education Secretary Duncan Steps Down

Secretary Of EducationCHICAGO Dec 16 President-elect Barack Obama chose the Harvard-educated chief government of Chicago Public Schools as his secretary of education on Tuesday, selecting a reformer who has confronted academics unions and held faculties accountable for performance.

Still, I think that the basis drawback, and one which must be solved for any actual training reform, is the house life. Without a large change in the way in which that inside metropolis dwellers view schooling it’s going to never improve. Eliminate the bloated bureaucracy, end ridiculous teacher tenure, close the courses educating issues no scholar will ever want, scale back classroom size; all of those will help, but if youngsters get no encouragement and assist from dad and mom it won’t clear up the issue. When 90{296c6b4f74ab1a85f312b9572e3e1efe6433a9beaf57bc5fe092a1007bfe21db} of scholar’s mother and father won’t be a part of the PTA or go to the varsity it is a downside that should be solved …

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