Master’s Degree to Improve Career

After graduating from S1 college, most people will decide to work immediately. However, don’t be satisfied just yet, your education doesn’t stop there. Even though you are already working, you can continue your master’s degree for a better future.

Perhaps, working at the same time studying for Masters will feel very burdensome. Especially if you are married and have children. However, even though it is a bit difficult, it does not mean that studying Masters while working is impossible.

If you are not sure and are afraid of having trouble living your life by having divided priorities on work and education, here are some tips for continuing your master’s degree while working that can lighten your load!

Can master’s degree courses improve careers?

Master’s degree does not guarantee you will get a better career. However, according to data from Prospects, nearly 79% of postgraduate graduates occupy a higher job position such as managerial. This figure is higher when compared to 66% of undergraduate graduates occupying higher positions. To get a better career, you can consider taking a master’s degree course that is relevant to your undergraduate major or your current job. Masters courses also play an important role if you work in the fields of law, psychology or a teacher who requires you to study masters if you want to take a more specific major.

Of course, having a master’s degree can make you at least have more value in today’s increasingly fierce job competition. You can also make a master’s degree course if you want to change your career direction. You need to make sure your existing skills and experience can be considered by the university to accept you.

5 Tips for continuing master’s studies for career development

Before continuing to study Masters, you also need to consider whether you will study while working, take unpaid leave or resign. Here are some tips for continuing your master’s degree.

Take online classes or evening classes for employees

Master’s degree courses have many programs that can be adapted to the needs and time of the participants. There are, you know, online classes or evening classes that are mostly attended by employees. Classes like this are usually able to offer more flexibility than regular class types. Especially if your work is a strict type and does not have flexible time, then these types of classes are perfect for you to follow. So, don’t be afraid to take master’s degree because it’s a matter of time, because now there are many campuses that apply flexibility to make it easier for participants.

Talk to your boss

Before deciding to apply and enter graduate school, it’s a good idea to discuss this with your boss. You can discuss the major issues that will be taken and what professional contribution you can later make to the company by taking that field. Try asking and listening to advice from superiors about fields that are suitable and can contribute greatly to your career. You’ll also be surprised at the fact that your boss may provide encouragement and support for you to dare to take this postgraduate path.

Create a time management plan

Maybe now you are much better at managing time than when you were in college. However, sometimes the transition period to adjust work and study schedules will be quite heavy. So, a time management plan will really help you to be free from stressful times. Describe when you have to work, go to campus, study, and also rest. Know at any time when you can do these things without clashing. To be more adept at managing time, you need to know the right time management tips.

Take advantage of the time

Indeed, study time should have been included in the time management schedule that you had previously planned. However, there is nothing wrong with increasing study time by taking advantage of free time. For example, by taking advantage of a little time after the lunch break. This can really help reduce your study load and coursework load at the end of the day or weekend. You can also take advantage of your time by coming to the office an hour earlier and leaving an hour earlier than usual hours so you’re not in too much of a rush for college.

Make sure you are very interested in the field you are studying

Make sure you are interested in the field you are going to study so that you are more enthusiastic in studying. If you are planning to take postgraduates while working, one thing you should pay attention to is your passion in the field you are going to study. When taking a master’s degree, the program will focus more on one area of ​​specialization. So, if the field is not really of interest to you, it will be difficult for you later