South African Students Suspended Over Nazi (2)

UniversityDuring the previous week in South Africa the #FeesMustFall movement overshadowed all other information. Thousands of scholars, incited and supported by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) (the 3rd largest political get together in SA), and different essential establishments, took arms and demanded free higher education, forcing universities to suspend all actions. Although the students declare to protest peacefully, distancing themselves from the property damaging spree, labelling it thuggery coming from rogue parts who want to hijack their genuine struggle,” the public sees solely aggression and violence on TV and social media.

Please add me to the civil lawsuit! I was mislead and lied to. My enrollment counselor advised me by enrolling in University Phoenix, me having a felony record won’t matter any more once I get hold of my bachelors of Science. And that I will get rent admittedly as a result of my bachelors will over power my felony background! I graduated in 2009 and I can’t get a job because of my criminal again ground! I asked my counselor is she was sure that my background won’t matter anymore as soon as I obtain my diploma, she said, Yes!! They is not going to rent me anyplace!

Long story brief: No one takes levels from UOP significantly as a result of they seriously don’t educate their students jack shit, No college will settle for UOP credit as something more than common credits that will not count in the direction of a specialized degree, they will mislead you to get you there then harass you after you leave all while smiling and providing you 1 class at the value of every different institutions 3 or 4 lessons. Don’t go to high school right here!!!!

Second, I was never capable of attain my Academic Representative. She was imagined to be somebody I can turn to when I was struggling or needed help. There got here a degree where I needed a break as a result of life was too much. I had some hardships, and work was taking more time than it should have and I was never capable of attain my academic representative to let her know this stuff.

My present debt, $86,000.00. as I am not married and so they had me send them a display shot of me and my partner signing a paper saying we are married- the scholar mortgage firm does not acknowledge widespread regulation. The pell grants I received- they used and sent me overage quantities while turning round sending extra requests to the loan corporations for cash. My original steadiness upon graduation was 65k.