Introduction To Deep Learning @CUHK

Deep LearningDeep learning is a department of machine learning, using numerous similar, yet distinct, deep neural network architectures to unravel varied problems in pure language processing, pc imaginative and prescient, and bioinformatics, amongst different fields. Deep learning has skilled an amazing current analysis resurgence, and has been shown to ship state-of-the-art results in quite a few applications.

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Keras is an unimaginable library to implement Deep Learning models. It acts as a wrapper for Theano and Tensorflow. Thanks to Keras we can create highly effective and sophisticated Deep Learning models with only some traces of code. This is what’s going to assist you to have a worldwide imaginative and prescient of what you’re creating. Everything you make will look so clear and structured because of this library, that you’ll really get the instinct and understanding of what you are doing.

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We will work on a dataset that has exactly the same features as the Netflix dataset: loads of films, thousands of users, who have rated the flicks they watched. The ratings go from 1 to five, exactly like within the Netflix dataset, which makes the Recommender System extra complicated to construct than if the scores have been simply Liked” or Not Liked”.