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State DepartmentWASHINGTON The U.S. State Department issued a journey alert for Europe on Monday, saying U.S. citizens should concentrate on a continued threat of terrorist assaults all through the continent.

This week started with studies that President Donald Trump’s funds proposal will drastically slash the State Department’s funding, and last week ended with White House adviser and former Breitbart head Stephen Bannon telling the attendees of the annual Conservative Political Action Conference that what he and the brand new president have been after was a deconstruction of the executive state.” At the State Department, which employs almost 70,000 folks all over the world, that deconstruction is already nicely underway.

The ashes stuffed a black plastic field in regards to the size of a toaster. It weighed three and a half kilos. I put it in a canvas tote bag and packed it in my suitcase this previous July for the transpacific flight to Manila. From there I would journey by car to a rural village. When I arrived, I would hand over all that was left of the woman who had spent fifty six years as a slave in my family’s household.

Dozens of U.S. authorities companies depend on State’s international real estate for office space and support to maintain their prices down. Traveling American authorities VIPs need someone to arrange their safety and get their resorts and receptions booked. Supporting CODELS (Congressional Delegations’ visits to international lands) is a right of passage for State Department workers. While stationed in London, I escorted so many Important Somebodies shopping I was named Ambassador to Harrods Department Store” by my colleagues.

Tillerson wasn’t current, as is typical, at several White House conferences with foreign leaders, and has taken only two brief trips abroad. (By March 6 of her term, Hillary Clinton had already visited nine international locations, John Kerry, 10) Of the 17 sets of official remarks Tillerson delivered, 12 were substance-free messages to nations on their nationwide days.