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Game Infomation

Learn to Fly is a launcher game where you play as a penguin attempting to fly using a ramp and various gadgets. In this Learn to fly game, your goal is simple: fly as high, long, and far as possible


You attempt to fly as far as possible. Flying high, long and far gives you cash you can spend on upgrades. You can also gain cash from completing achievements on each level. The goal is to reach 6000 ft. in the shortest amount of turns. Once you reach your goal, you may continue playing to see how far you can fly.

Using the left and right arrow keys, adjust your angle so your big penguin belly hits the water as this will allow you to bounce for maximum distance. The key is to keep yourself angled just right so your belly keeps hitting the ocean blue over and over. Think of that game Kitten Cannon because this game is similar but way deeper. After each jump, you will receive research funds that allow you to buy all manner of goodies. In between stages, you receive your funds and then proceed to the store. You can increase ramp height, decrease air resistance, or make your penguin somehow learn to accelerate faster before flying.


Left/right arrow key adjusts angle

Spacebar activates rockets

Click Upgrades to buy them: If you have enough money.


There are six upgrades to choose from, all easy to understand.

– Ramp Height lets you start higher up.

– Acceleration makes the ramp slipperier, meaning you start faster.

– Air Resistance, lets you keep your speed longer. It requires a good Glider to be useful, because having a bad one or none at all makes you drop like a stone.

– Gliders reduces how much you drop while flying, allowing you to reach greater flight lengths.

– Rockets give you a boost when you need it.

– Rocket Fuel increases the amount you can use your rockets.