Going To Bangalore From Mumbai? Here Are 5 Tricks In Which You Can Get Maximum Discount

Flights from Mumbai to Bangalore are extremely common and we see several airlines offering multiple flights for the same across the day. However, it is almost always the case that whenever you try to Book cheap Mumbai to Bangalore Flight tickets, you are bound to see that prices shoot up very frequently and the fares are really expensive.

This mostly happens because the number of people traveling from Mumbai to Bangalore is proportional to the number of flights that are available. And also, since the journey by train is very long, a lot of people don’t mind paying extra to save more than one day of travel by flight. However, there are a few tricks that you can use to save money on your flight ticket. Listed below are the top 5 tricks that can help you save:

1.    Purchase Tickets 2 Months in Advance:

Purchasing tickets early and planning your trip well in advance allows you to find the best possible airfares and ensures that your travel from Mumbai to Bangalore is the cheapest possible.

The benefit of booking at this duration is that you have the benefit of booking tickets during and seasonal discount offerings and also it is early enough to not be hiked. If you book too much in advance, you may not be able to gain the benefit of seasonal discounts.

2.    Get Memberships on Airlines:

If you are a regular flyer, it is best to get memberships of various airlines. If you travel a lot from Mumbai to Bangalore, you can take up the frequent flier programs available across various airlines and compare them to see which airlines offer the best frequency of flights across these cities, which one you like based on your experience etc.

This helps you save a lot of money since frequent fliers are given cash-backs, complimentary upgrades and special services which other people do not get normally. For example, Jet Airways and Vistara have their own frequent flier program which allows complimentary lounge facility, faster check-ins, choice of seats and preferential booking options. This way, you get not only monetary benefit, but your travels are a lot more relaxed and enjoyable.

3.    Try To Travel On Weekdays:

When you do decide to book your tickets, it is always preferable to travel on the weekdays if you can manage it. The reason for this is that most people prefer to travel on the weekends. Due to this, the demand for tickets is usually high at this time. When you book tickets for the middle of the week, you get the benefit of booking in flights which are not getting too much attention. Due to this, the price of the tickets is bound to be lower than the ones on the weekends.

You can get an added bonus if you can accommodate yourself in a flight which is leaving early morning or late at night. The demand for these flights is typically very less and you can also save a lot of time while traveling to the airport at these times. While it is not very comfortable to do this, if you are on a tight budget, you can save a lot of money.

4.    Trick Aggregator Websites:

While booking, it is easy to just check n to the most popular travel portals and book your tickets. However, while looking around on other portals, you may be able to find several discounts or tickets which are going for really cheap rates. This is because travel portals also try to get the maximum profit from each booking. And if they are getting a lot of traffic, they try to sell a few tickets for higher rates.

Another trick you should use is to delete all your cookies when you log in. The secret here is that most of the aggregator websites use cookies to track your bookings. So if you have previously booked a ticket at a specific price, then typically, you will not get the options to book tickets at a lower rate than that. When you delete all your cookies, the websites register you as a new user and they will try to lure you in with cheaper prices.

5.    Check out Individual Airlines Too:

While most people nowadays use only booking sites, the fact is that you should be checking out websites of individual airlines too. Sometimes they end up providing your tickets at a much cheaper cost because they save on the margins they have to give to the aggregators. Also, airlines keep some tickets to sell by themselves. If you are lucky enough to get one of those, then you are guaranteed to get them at a much cheaper rate.


If you are traveling on a tight budget, it makes sense to use these tricks to ensure that you save money. Every penny you save is a penny earned, after all. Therefore, make sure that you try to utilize these tricks as often as possible to ensure cheaper flights.