7 Promising study programs for postgraduate studies

After graduating from S1 college, most people will decide to work immediately. However, don’t be satisfied just yet, your education doesn’t stop there. Even though you are already working, you can continue your master’s degree for a better future.

Perhaps, working at the same time studying for Masters will feel very burdensome. Especially if you are married and have children. However, even though it is a bit difficult, it does not mean that studying Masters while working is impossible.

Still haven’t decided which postgraduate study program you will take? Well, you can consider some of the following study programs whose future careers have a bright chance.

Computer science and IT

You certainly often see on job search pages that Software Developer jobs are sought after by companies today. There are no less applicants considering the company does not hesitate to provide high salaries and benefits if you are really competent. Well, to be more prominent as a Software Developer, you can consider taking a master’s degree course and getting deeper into it. If you don’t have a bachelor’s degree in this field but have work experience and a supportive portfolio, universities can also consider it, you know!


Master’s degree in biotechnology is no less promising. Along with the times, various products produced to solve problems using biological sciences will be increasingly needed. Interestingly, many international companies such as Microsoft will create storage media using DNA. Of course, there will always be something new whether it’s innovation in medicine, vaccine design, or breakthroughs related to DNA.


If you already have a bachelor’s degree in management, you usually have a foundation in marketing. Well, there’s nothing wrong with exploring marketing science by taking more specific master’s courses such as Digital Marketing. Some overseas universities such as the UK provide various master’s options in the field of Digital Marketing. Master’s degree in marketing can also be an option for those of you who decide to “swerve” from your current job or graduate degree.

MBA (Master of Business Administration)

Surely this title is very familiar, yes. Master of Business Administration is known as a degree that can be a stepping stone for a career even to occupy a C level position. This course is suitable for those of you who want to improve your career as well as leadership skills. To register it is usually quite difficult as you must have a minimum duration of work experience, internships and volunteer activities. After graduation, many jobs in top positions are ready to await such as Marketing Manager, Product Manager, Sales Manager and even IT Manager.

However, it should be noted that the MBA degree is not merely a golden ticket to occupy the top position, yes. All back again how you can implement the knowledge that you will learn.


Apart from technology, of course, the financial world will not be forgotten and keep going. If you take a master’s degree in finance, you can have a career as a Financial Manager and Actuary if you want to continue working in companies. Or, if you are interested in working independently, becoming a Financial Advisor can be an option.


Although the world is growing, however, of course a competent nurse is still needed today. The demand for this job still tends to increase with competitive pay. There are six specializations to choose from, such as those available at the University of Indonesia, ranging from Nursing Leadership and Management, Medical Surgery, Psychiatry and so on.


The existence of a lecturer and teacher who can teach well is still needed to produce competent Human Resources. This is what makes master’s degree courses in education an option. Generally, the position of an educator will be directly proportional to the level of education.