11 Ways to Memorize Fast and Not Easily Forgotten

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Many people say that, if you want to be smart and master many things, then you have to memorize. Here are some general tips that are often used to memorize quickly and so as not to forget easily.

  1. Refresh yourself

Tips on how to memorize fast and not easy to forget the first is to know the time when your brain strength can go out 100{34eceeb2deee1849c5e3f29ec23bdc1da45b8da951e44ffda19fdbb6455f2689}, there are those who easily memorize at midnight, some in the morning, evening, or before going to bed. Find out which one suits you best.

Besides that, for yourself and your brain fresh, to be easier to concentrate, more excited, and stronger memorized. One way is to take a shower.

  1. Prepare everything

We will start from the first step by optimizing memorization by paying attention to the environment we will choose. For most people, the preparation is usually done by selecting areas that are completely safe from interference so they can concentrate more. But some people can also do it in crowded public places. Try to find the place that is most conducive to learning and starting.

  1. Memorization requires motivation

There are two types of stress that are known in the world of health, namely, stress that can be bad for health and stress that can make us healthier.

The stress that makes us healthier and smarter is to force ourselves, especially through passion and motivation. Stress will cause our adrenal hormones to be pumped so that the ability we have will come out all of them.

Likewise if you want to memorize quickly, you must have motivation that can push and expel all your brain power.

  1. Some people need doping

The mechanism of brain power to remember information actually comes from neurons and synapses. Synopsis works by repeating, repeating, and repeating so the brain can memorize.

But you also have to know that, as we get older, various toxic chemicals that enter our bodies can damage the synopsis and neurons that cause us to lose a lot of memory. According to many health experts, green tea is one of the drinks that contain certain compounds that will keep brain cells from working properly and for a long time.

So, here you are recommended to drink green tea before you start memorizing.

  1. Record back what you memorized

How to memorize quickly and not easily forget is to re-record all the information that has been attached to your brain to be bonded even stronger. Or you can also use your smartphone to record whatever you have memorized and what you miss. This method is the easiest way to evaluate all your memorization. In addition, saying it again will force the brain to work harder to remember.

  1. Write first before starting to memorize

This technique is also widely applied by those who are easier to remember when they see pictures.

The trick, first you have to write everything you will memorize. Then, after you feel familiar with what you will memorize, you can help it by reading it again. After that, it starts to memorize.

  1. Memorize by using sticky notes

Sticky notes are usually sold with several color choices and you should prepare them, for example 3-4 colors.

What you have memorized write back on the sticky notes in different colors. This method is ideal for students who are easy to receive lessons when viewing pictures.

You can use color codes to distinguish the subjects you memorize. So that the information you store in the brain will follow certain groups.

  1. Apply the repetition step

For each line of text, you can repeat several times until you actually memorize it before moving to another text.

This method can usually help prevent memory from fading in a short time. Because the more we repeat, the memorization will get stronger.

  1. Teach someone or yourself

If you want to memorize quickly and are not easy to forget, the technique of teaching what you have memorized to someone or directly practicing it to yourself for example by talking to yourself in front of a glass or by demonstrating as if you are teaching will help you to remember more strongly and make your brain is not easy to forget.

  1. Take advantage of the recording

You can record everything you will memorize then listen to the recording as often as possible. This method is very effective for those who are accustomed to learning by listening.

  1. Don’t forget to rest

The secret of someone who can memorize quickly and is not easy to forget, one of which is to rest the brain. You have to know when the brain needs rest.

Some health experts say that taking a nap, whether it’s an hour or half an hour has a huge effect on memory. So, if you have time to rest during the day, try to sleep regularly even if it’s only half an hour.