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North Korea Cannot ‘Tip’ Missile With Nuclear Warhead

State DepartmentApril 24 It hasn’t been a superb one hundred days for the U.S. Department of State. Like the musical Hamilton’s orphaned title character, known as out in track for being a Founding Father without a father,” State is now one thing of an agency without agency.

Meanwhile, Trump has proposed devastating cuts to State’s budget, already only about 1 percent of federal spending. The administration has left lots of the sixty four special representative and other ambassador-level domestic positions empty, with no signal anybody will fill them quickly. Many of the roles have been already underneath scrutiny by Congress during Obama’s time, and the current administration is unlikely to defend them.

Military planners pushed time and again for higher interagency engagement, and when that engagement didn’t come they would ultimately surrender and do it themselves. The greatest example was in 2009, when the navy surge in Afghanistan was alleged to …

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