Strategic Intervention Materials (SIM)

Strategic intervention material

A spokeswoman for Kaplan stated that program opinions are conducted routinely by the Department of Education.

I can truthfully say that for-revenue schools and universities across the globe operate solely to make a buck. These learning institutions do not give a damn in regards to the high quality of education you obtain. Point being Americans normally have no selection or chance for change aside from that directed by the elite. Does anyone really think ACA or Obamacare was really Obama’s mind little one? It has solely served to further enslave the working class as deliberate. Result- insurance firms have never been happier or richer.

Wow I was actually interested by going to Phoenix of Arizona Online and I was speaking to a counselors on the phone. I was gonna send in my transcripts from my dwelling group faculty and I was going to really attend this faculty. Good thing i discovered this website. Thank you to everybody that posted on this web page. Jen, you’re so much my girl! I had to snigger to see you there cheering me on. You have no idea what meaning to me. I am speechless in terms of that (and you recognize that does not happen lol). About 60,000 signatures on two petitions had been delivered to highschool officers on Tuesday objecting to her appearance on the university.

Well, do not let the University of Phoenix get the perfect of you, it happened to me too. I don’t be concerned about it as a result of GOD will deal with it all in his own timing. I do not need to do anything however meditate on him and his soverignty. He can deal with this downside higher than anybody. I have trust in him and he will deliver on time. It’s superb how folks have the audacity to do what they do in God’s world. All I actually have to do is be nonetheless and know that he is God.

As for the Apollo Group, I even have tried to apply with them after being laid-off. My expertise and skills fit to a T with what they do, yet I was repeatedly rejected. They didn’t even want to discuss to me and I can solely surmise that having a degree from U of Phx is like the kiss of death. I am nonetheless paying for what turned out to be essentially the most nugatory piece of schooling I ever received. So, no, you are not imagining something. But i wouldn’t feel too unhealthy. From what I’ve heard from people who truly labored there it’s a sweatshop and so they don’t really care in regards to the people that work for them.