Tip and Tricks to Ace the MHT CET 2018


After you have submitted your MHT CET application form 2018, you probably are wondering how to study for the examination in the best possible way. We have compiled a list of the tips and tricks that you can use for an easy and effective study that will help you ace this life-changing examination. For instance, there are certain topics that should absolutely not be avoided when studying for this examination. These topics include the following:


  • Atoms, Molecules and Nuclei;
  • Oscillations,
  • Rotational Motion,
  • Kinetic Theory of Gases and radiation;
  • Electrostatics,
  • Electromagnetic Induction,
  • Magnetic Effects of Current,
  • Semiconductors,
  • Wave Motion.


  • Chemical Thermodynamics and Energetics, ,
  • Alcohol Phenol Ether,
  • Coordination Compounds,
  • p-Block elements d-Block and f-Block elements,
  • Solid State,
  • Chemical Kinetics,
  • Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen Solutions and Colligative Properties.


  • Differential Equations,
  • Integral Calculus,
  • Limits,
  • Continuity and Differentiability,
  • Vectors and 3D Geometry.


  • Biotechnology: Process and Application,
  • Genetic Engineering and
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An Excellent Addition to Any Student’s Toolkit

Students Under Stress

In recent years, there has been a definite increase in the pressure placed on students. Competition for jobs means that more emphasis rests on academic success than ever before. Greater fees for education exacerbates this: given that thousands of pounds might be invested in getting a degree, many students simply must succeed to stand a chance of paying for their education.

So, students are in search of ways to do better. While most rely on coffee to power their efforts, some are taken by a relatively new phenomenon: study drugs.

Distributed illegally and bought online, ‘study drugs’ are prescription medications (often Modafinil) that are used off-label to keep students awake, and ostensibly support their mental performance. These drugs can be dangerous, as they’re unregulated, may be adulterated, and can cause side-effects for students who take them. Furthermore, some can carry hefty fines or even prison time if … Read more

Apparently,This is the Function of Termos Section that rarely People know

Thermos is one of the household appliances that are currently loved by mothers in the World. How not, in addition to its benefits as storage of hot water and packaging that is now more practical and can be taken anywhere. Usually, mothers carry small or medium size thermos to store hot water to make their child’s milk when they are on their way. The thermos design we use so far has its own function.

However, not everyone knows what those functions are. Basically, we need to know what functions per piece of the product are used for daily needs. Therefore, to increase our knowledge of all, the following information about the function of the Bottles part:

  • Close the Flask Stator

The first part of the flask is the stopper cap. Usually located at the top of the function other than to cover the flask after the contents with hot water. … Read more