Apparently,This is the Function of Termos Section that rarely People know

Thermos is one of the household appliances that are currently loved by mothers in the World. How not, in addition to its benefits as storage of hot water and packaging that is now more practical and can be taken anywhere. Usually, mothers carry small or medium size thermos to store hot water to make their child’s milk when they are on their way. The thermos design we use so far has its own function.

However, not everyone knows what those functions are. Basically, we need to know what functions per piece of the product are used for daily needs. Therefore, to increase our knowledge of all, the following information about the function of the Bottles part:

  • Close the Flask Stator

The first part of the flask is the stopper cap. Usually located at the top of the function other than to cover the flask after the contents with hot water. It turns out the cap plug also serves to prevent heat transfer by conduction.

  • Walls In Glass


Perhaps many of us do not notice that there is a glass wall inside a thermos. The function of this section is to prevent heat transfer from hot water so as not to be absorbed by the wall.

  • Outer Glass Wall


In addition to the inner wall of glass, there is also a part of the outer wall of glass that serves to prevent radiation heat transfer.

  • Space hollow(Vacuum)


The next section is a vacuum. This section is located in the middle in a thermos. The function of this section is to limit the possibility of the heat dissipating from within or entering into the flask with convection.

As it was known that the thermos was made of double-walled glass, between the walls was made a vacuum. In addition, one wall is coated with a silver lining that serves to hold the heat of the hot water so as not to be absorbed by the wall and in order to avoid radiation heat transfer.

Thus information about the function of the part contained in the flask container. I hope this information is helpful.