An Excellent Addition to Any Student’s Toolkit

Students Under Stress

In recent years, there has been a definite increase in the pressure placed on students. Competition for jobs means that more emphasis rests on academic success than ever before. Greater fees for education exacerbates this: given that thousands of pounds might be invested in getting a degree, many students simply must succeed to stand a chance of paying for their education.

So, students are in search of ways to do better. While most rely on coffee to power their efforts, some are taken by a relatively new phenomenon: study drugs.

Distributed illegally and bought online, ‘study drugs’ are prescription medications (often Modafinil) that are used off-label to keep students awake, and ostensibly support their mental performance. These drugs can be dangerous, as they’re unregulated, may be adulterated, and can cause side-effects for students who take them. Furthermore, some can carry hefty fines or even prison time if students are caught possessing them. On top of all that, the effects can vary greatly: some who try Modafinil report more drawbacks than benefits.

But, what if there was something available which provided similar benefits, and none of the legal or health concerns associated with mainstream smart drugs? A brief survey of options seems disheartening: preworkout and energy drinks don’t affect the brain beyond giving (jittery) energy, caffeine pills are similar and traditional vitamin supplements are far too subtle for students. Nothing on the market seems to fit the bill.

A New Hope

Nothing, that is, until now. A new sort of product has recently emerged which purports to give similar benefits to smart drugs with none of the concerns surrounding safety or legality. Chief among these products is the ‘nutritional cognitive enhancer’, BrainZyme.

Manufactured in the UK, BrainZyme makes the lofty claim that it can support mental performance and clearer thinking, while also helping to reduce tiredness. This is not conjecture: their claims are based on research by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), are supported by a British nutritionist, and customer reviews largely venerate the product.

Indeed, BrainZyme has been called a ‘secret study weapon’ by some commenters. This reflects the dramatic effect it can have for those who require more focus or energy. Student bloggers, too, have signalled BrainZyme’s huge potential as a ‘study buddy’ to those clamouring for a boost to their productivity. Stronger and more potent formulas of BrainZyme also exist, tailored for performance under pressure and long-term projects like dissertations.

But, what exactly is it?

As stated, BrainZyme is a ‘nutritional cognitive enhancer’. This means that it provides its benefits through nutrition and foodstuffs rather than pharmaceuticals. The result is deceptively subtle: numerous people have stated that they did not ‘feel’ much, but ultimately found themselves more productive than before trying BrainZyme.

BrainZyme, at its core, relies on three key ingredients: Matcha tea, guarana, and choline. Matcha is a kind of tea that’s specially selected and processed. It’s believed to be helpful for cognition, energy and calmness thanks to its active component, L-Theanine. The tea has been consumed for thousands of years, and originates from East Asia.

Guarana, or more accurately guarana seeds, contain natural caffeine which is metabolised slowly by the body. This means that it provides a sustained energy boost over several hours. As the caffeine is natural and gradually released, it provides these benefits with a minimal ‘comedown’ in comparison with an energy drink or strong coffee.

Finally, choline is a well-regarded nootropic. It’s vital for the production of Acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter in the brain. Choline is included in many nootropic stacks for its profound benefits to cognition, and can also be found in foods such as broccoli and beef liver.

As mentioned, BrainZyme also has variants which provide more profound effects. These are Professional, and Elite. Professional adds Ginkgo, Maca and L-Tyrosine for calmness-promoting effects, while Elite includes the aforementioned Gingko and Maca alongside Curcumin, Cinnamon, N-Acetyl L-Carnitine and Panax Ginseng. This neuro-support formula makes extended projects a breeze.

Alongside foodstuffs, BrainZyme contains numerous vitamins and minerals. These are specially chosen to promote normal cognitive function and unlocking of nutritional energy from food. In addition, these vitamins serve as additional nourishment for the brain, providing longer-term benefits even after the initial effects of BrainZyme fade.

What makes it a good alternative?

While many nootropics are prohibited in the UK, BrainZyme is entirely legal under British law. Its ingredients and claims are compliant with the Department of Health, Trading Standards and Food Standards regulatory bodies in the UK, along with EFSA. As a result, BrainZyme is much safer as it doesn’t use any dangerous ingredients. It’s also known exactly what goes into the product, so there’s no chance of adulteration. Furthermore, there’s no chance of being prosecuted due to purchasing or possessing BrainZyme since it’s a fully-legal cognitive enhancer.

Moreover, BrainZyme’s effects make it worth considering as an alternative to smart drugs. When compared with Modafinil, a caffeine pill or even an energy drink, BrainZyme cognitive enhancers are much more subtle in their impact. Subtle, however, does not mean ineffective; the product does not cause jitters, restlessness or anxiety as one might feel from a traditional study aid. Rather, BrainZyme encourages you to sit down and work, regardless of whether you’re tired or unmotivated. BrainZyme is thus able to help when you really need to sit down and focus on work.

BrainZyme is also much more affordable than smart drugs. BrainZyme’s cost works out to around 33 pence per capsule, far less than any ‘smart drug’ and competitive with energy drinks. This price makes the product much more accessible for students on a limited budget. BrainZyme’s price, along with its far more useful effects than other ‘cognitive enhancers’, makes the decision to try it an even easier one!

BrainZyme is also manufactured ethically: It’s ‘cruelty free’, meaning it isn’t tested on animals and contains no animal by-products. It’s also vegan, so no animal products at all are present in the supplement. BrainZyme is made in the UK too, so working conditions are guaranteed to be up to standards mandated by British law.


While it’s always best to achieve your goals through a healthy lifestyle, that isn’t always possible. Particularly as life becomes more hectic, we can tend to rely on crutches to get through the day. BrainZyme, while just a supplement, is a great option for someone who feels they need a boost, while being conscious of their health and wellbeing. If you’re that sort of person, then BrainZyme might be for you.

BrainZyme is priced from £9.95 to £25.95, and is available from