Advice for Foreign Nationals Living and Working in Thailand


There are many reasons why you may have chosen to live and work in Thailand, even if it’s only for a year or two. However, being so very different in culture from countries throughout Europe or the Americas, you’ll want a few tips before embarking on what can be a totally delightful experience. Here is a bit of advice to help you make the most of your time in this amazing country.

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Thailand Is a Foodie’s Paradise

The one thing you’ll discover early on is that Thailand has some of the world’s most fragrant and spicy dishes. A word of warning here would be to refrain from ordering ‘native Thai’ when given a choice of spiciness if hot foods irritate you because Thai red peppers are amongst the hottest in the world. Having said that, you probably will be delighted with naturally aromatic jasmine rice and all the varieties of Thai curry. Talk about aromatic! You could be satisfied just sitting at a table being intoxicated by the delightful aromas that reach your nose, but the pleasure doesn’t stop there. Thai food is most definitely Asian but much lighter than Chinese or Japanese. In addition to red and green curries, don’t forget to sample Pad Thai, the traditional noodle dish flavored with peanuts. A true delight.

When Bringing the Entire Family Along

Then there are times that you have been asked by your employer to work for an extended time in Thailand, except you have a family at home! Why not bring the kids along? Don’t worry about your children needing to learn to speak a foreign language to continue their education in a strange land because you can send them to Brighton College, the best international school in Bangkok. From pre-Prep classes to A-level/IB academics, your kids can learn in their own language while learning a bit of Thai. There is no better way to learn about Asian history, arts, culture and language than by spending a year or two in that land.

Know Where Everything Is in Advance

While your place of employment might have set you up with a flat or house to stay in on your time in Thailand, there are other places you will need to know about before landing onshore. Always research hospitals and medical clinics. You’ll want to know where to shop and the best places to go for entertainment. Do the legwork now so that when you land you will be ready to make the most of your stay in this amazingly beautiful country in Asia.

As a final bit of advice to remember, always let family members and/or close friends know exactly where you are when living in any foreign land. If you need to be contacted urgently, someone needs to have all your contact information and also the numbers to local police, hospitals, and consulates. Don’t let loved ones panic if they can’t reach you, so do apprise them of where you’ll be and the exact time differences for phoning you if necessary.