U.S. Spending On Prisons Grew At Three Times Rate Of School Spending

US Department Of EducationMeet Raquel Lima, a Pre-K teacher in Clifton, NJ. She is captivated with her college students and shares what teaching fourteen preschoolers is like from the minute she walks into the building to the minute she shuts the lights off for the evening.

Carol, this is not the first time I actually have heard of a college copying a ebook. It is against the law to repeat a textbook (or every other e-book for that matter) to bypass having to buy them for the students. This needs to be reported to the e book publisher they usually can take those matters up with the college -and they’ll. Book publishers do not take that calmly. I hope you will have contacted your state lawyer normal’s office to file a consumer complaint, as well as the state board that the regulates for-profit faculties in your state.

Students do make the most of the loans and bury their self in debt but that occurs at four year state faculties as nicely. I do not take the stipends hell I barely qualify for a minimal amount of Pell and I mean minimal. Don’t take loans you do not need. Students at my school do this and I ask why why why!!! Then they complain once they graduate and so they have all this debt and surprise why.

Grants are awarded for: agriculture, arts, enterprise and commerce, community development, catastrophe prevention and reduction, schooling, employment training, vitality, environmental assistance, diet, well being, housing, humanities, information and statistics, authorized companies, pure assets, restoration acts, regional development, science and expertise, social services and transportation. You will NOT discover assistance for personal debt, Social Security, Medicaid or other social providers.

You can just leave that cute little thing off of the s or the e, lol. What I want to do is EXPOSE these issues so that our young and vunerable college students get the educations that they deserve. In spite of the negativity, I do believe that vocational schooling does have its place in increased education. However, to ensure that our tax dollars for use effectively, and in the best interest of our college students, we need somebody minding the cash farm.