Egypt’s Education System Needs An Overhaul

Education WorldNEW YORK (Reuters Health) – More than one in 5 U.S. teens by no means acquired driver’s training earlier than getting their licenses, according to a brand new report.

And that is why this Forum matters – it is a second to come back together and a chance for us to replicate on the progress that’s being made – but additionally on the challenges that remain. This offers the opportunity to take inventory, replicate and understand the angle to be able to develop a strategy, and also to share expertise of what works and would not work.

Since 1994, the Korean each day newspaper Joongang Ilbo has published an annual evaluation of four-yr universities in Korea. For 2013, a hundred universities have been reviewed in accordance with 4 standards, with a total of 300 attainable factors: college research (100 points), training and financial circumstances (90 points), reputation and alumni networks (60 points), and internationalization (50 points).

The announcement comes as greater than one hundred sixty countries gather in South Korea on Tuesday for the start of the World Education Forum to set new schooling goals for the next 15 years, particularly in developing international locations. You all have wonderful jobs – roles that can shape youngsters’s’ futures. I imagine a countries greatest asset is its individuals. Among states that do not require formal driver training, the rate of teens who have not had driver’s ed is even greater, although that does not mean teens are any much less safe behind the wheel, researchers caution.

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