Month: August 2022

Which Vermont school district is getting four electric school buses

One Chittenden County school district will be rolling cleaner this year with four new electric school buses.

The South Burlington School District will start the school year with two electric buses and will receive two more later on.

“We are excited to be able to offer our students the opportunity to ride on emissions-free transportation for the first time in our District’s history,” said Communications Coordinator Corey Burdick in a statement for the South Burlington School District. “This initiative furthers the district’s goals around climate change mitigation and is in alignment with the ways we have been partnering with the city on renewable energy.”

Vermont has been systematically swapping out gas-guzzling buses for battery-powered ones a few at a time. South Burlington joins several districts across the state that have received electric school buses.

During the 2021 school year, the Champlain Valley School District which serves Charlotte, Hinesburg, Shelburne, St.

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‘Are We the Problem?’ The New Dean of Columbia J-School Wrestles With Its Place in the Industry

An MS in journalism from Columbia — all told a nine and a half month program — costs an estimated $121,290. Depending on where you’re looking, a journalist with a master’s degree makes on average between $36,000 and $58,000 after graduating. Columbia can offer generous aid packages (73 percent of those who applied for scholarship aid received funding and the median award is approximately $40,000), but its students are also regularly drowning in debt. For many young people with journalistic aspirations, the training that Columbia provides is a luxury they literally cannot afford.

Cobb is all too aware of the problem. He told me that he regularly hears from students who have always dreamed of becoming journalists but now worry about how they’ll pay for school or how much of a burden their debt will be. “It’s not a novel idea that we need to find some other way for

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NYC parents want principal Claire Lowenstein ousted from Manhattan School for Children

A group of Upper West Side families are renewing a years-long campaign to oust the principal of their children’s public school, saying her administration has driven out dozens of teachers and students.

More than 100 parents signed onto a letter this summer to replace embattled Manhattan School for Children principal Claire Lowenstein, who The Post reported in November was hit with her second no-confidence vote in just two years.

“We are a large coalition of concerned PS 333/MSC parents who are working to make sure our school is once again a warm, supportive environment,” reads the letter, obtained by The Post.

“We do not think this is possible with the current principal.”

The families allege that Lowenstein has “sullied” the school’s reputation in the neighborhood and among prospective staff. They accuse her administration of “actively hostile” relationships with parents of special education students, and of “documented racism.”

Dozens of teachers

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