Former Education Secretary Says Trump’s Budget Is An ‘Assault On The American Dream’

Current Secretary Of EducationThe billionaire Republican donor has been attempting to make school vouchers a nationwide reality for many years.

The outcomes of the increased choice in Michigan — and Detroit extra particularly — will not be clear. Stanford University launched a examine that claims that constitution faculties in Detroit have a slight edge over public faculties. Conversely, a more moderen research from New York City’s Independent Budget Office questions whether or not choice applications really benefit lower-revenue students. Many scholars have questioned the broader selection agenda.

While in Michigan, DeVos and her husband worked to advance the selection and voucher agenda considerably. Together, they started the Great Lakes Education Project (GLEP) , which has labored to provide funding and private training to state legislators to advocate for the redirection of public funds from conventional public schools to different choices, together with charter faculties, non-public faculties, parochial schools (non-public faculties with a non secular affiliation) and online faculties. Several of some of these faculties are run by schooling management organizations that earn revenue from managing publicly funded faculties.

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Mixture. Based on her statements, DeVos advocates on behalf of college choice,” which means she believes all families should have access to extra educational choices than just public schools. That does not, on the face of it, preclude support for public education, though DeVos’ critics would argue that redirecting public monies to private schools by way of vouchers or different schemes is tantamount to defunding the general public college system. According to a DeVos household spokesperson interviewed by The Detroit News, family members have given hundreds of thousands of dollars” to the Grand Rapids Public Schools over the years.