About 900 State Department Officials Sign Protest Memo

State DepartmentWASHINGTON The U.S. State Department on Monday mentioned its unclassified e-mail systems had been the victim of a cyber attack in current weeks, across the similar time as White House systems were breached, but no labeled knowledge was compromised.

But one thing is obvious: Dramatic cuts to the worldwide affairs price range will only make the scenario worse. America can’t successfully defend its interests and avoid being drawn into pricey and pointless wars when diplomats haven’t got the basic instruments to do their jobs. If President Trump really wants to remain out of messy entanglements overseas, it’s a truth he ought to study to appreciate.

It is precisely this drawback that has led to 1 secretary of defense after another to call on Congress to supply the State Department what it must do its work. It is why Defense Secretary James Mattis, in his previous position as a straight-speaking Marine general, as soon as testified, If you do not fund the State Department absolutely, then I need to buy more ammunition finally.” And it’s why 120 retired retired generals just lately signed a letter calling on Congress to fully fund the international affairs finances.

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The first Pirates movie was an unexpected success: wildly overlong and over-plotted but kept afloat by a depraved, bravura, and totally original performance by Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow, a swishily swaggering mélange of rum, mascara, and impudence. As is customary, the sequel was a pale imitation, and the third installment of the presumed trilogy went a bit trippy and meta.